8 июля 2011 (18:36:36)

Eddie came out of the house. The school had five minutes' walk away. It could take some time. He was called to the man sitting in the car. Eddie went to the open door light vehicles. At the same moment he was seized by masked men, seated in the car and drove away. After some time in the apartment Edik the phone rang. The kidnappers demanded the release of the child for fifty thousand dollars. Threatened with death if within two days will not receive the required amount. Relatives and friends are helping to collect money. At this time the following happened. The boy learned one of the kidnappers. It was a friend of his father. Eddie threatened to tell about who stole it. It's just not decided his fate. Extortionists decided to kill the boy. They did not need a witness. They wanted only money. Miraculously, Eddie was still alive. He was saved by the fact that suddenly burst into an apartment armed police officers. But they might be late.

What kind of misconduct boy could lead to tragedy? Repeat the basis of safe behavior of the child if he was a hostage.