The rules of safe behavior in the capture of terrorist groups

16 июня 2011 (20:57:28)

This situation is so dangerous that the rules of behavior of children in it is not much different from the rules of adult behavior, because this memo fits all for service:

1) do not panic, be careful if you get a chance to escape - use it;

2) do not react to provocation and defiance of terrorists;

3) do not ask questions, do not ask for anything, do not look into the eyes of terrorists, whether below the grass, and excitement, did not attract attention to themselves;

4) do not commit rash acts;

5) in the case of injury to try not to move so as not to increase blood flow and blood loss;

6) try to stay away from doors, staircases, passages, elevators;

7) the threat of weapons lie down on his stomach, covering his head with his hands;

8) submit to the demands of terrorists in silence, and give her things, if they so require;

9) If you urgently need something to do, warn and ask first about the invaders;

10) only at one hundred percent use the chance to escape his chance;

11) if there acting skills, depicting a serious illness - in the process of negotiation you can let go;

12) watch for terrorists, try to determine the number of terrorists and to understand their intentions;

13) do not have to disclose information about the high status of the parents or anyone else;

14), entertain yourself, read, draw, etc. (for children);

15) for the release of the capture of the group lie on the floor, obey the orders of the liberators, come out as soon as possible if it is ordered. If you are using tear gas should not rub the eye.

The child is first necessary to understand what to do in this situation can not in any case.