Rules of Conduct if there is someone in the house

10 июня 2011 (05:37:31)

Today we consider the situation when the child came home, and in kvaritire were strangers. So, how to behave.

1) The child should immediately leave the apartment and close the door with the key must remain in the castle;

2) continue to ask neighbors to call the police;

3) If a child is unable to leave the apartment and stayed with the criminals alone, he needs to behave more modestly as possible, to make it clear to criminals that there is no threat to them it is not because they are likely to leave the apartment, the child should try to memorize them;

4) if criminals attacked a child, he needs to shout "Fire!" Because, in practice, but this cry of neighbors respond;

5) If the attackers left the apartment, the child should not touch anything until the police arrive, because you need to save all the clues to catch criminals.

The child must be a clear understand that criminals can not scare and threaten them, as this may result in failure for your child.