Rules of Conduct when someone was in the apartment

9 июня 2011 (05:00:56)

God forbid, of course, but if it happens is that when he returned home, the child finds the door open, and the parents are not at home, and none of the relatives do not have your keys? His children must be informed in advance how to behave in this situation. Thus, we consider the basic rules of behavior in a memo to the child:

1) If returning home, you will see that the door is open for no apparent reason, do not go into the apartment, there may be a thief, which would cause harm to your health;

2) Get up close to the door and listen attentively, shall not be issued if someone's voice out of the apartment - if you talk to your family, come and warn them that they forgot to close the door;

3) if the votes can not be heard, then it should alert, check the integrity of the locks, do not crack a door;

4) If the locks in the order, call the neighbors and tell them that takes a crane or think up something else that they entered the apartment first, and the door must remain open;

5) after paragraph 4 will be done, look through all the rooms, there is somebody outside, and there are no signs of theft, was not affected if the order of the house;

6) if you discovered that the apartment visited by outsiders, the lock broken, or stolen something, come out of the house, ask neighbors to call the police and wait for the arrival of police outside the apartment.

Parents, teach your child how to behave, it is necessary each time to inspect how the child has learned the material. After reviewing this memo, once said with a child, what should and should not be described in a dangerous situation. Repeat appropriate safety regulations.