Rules of conduct in the street

12 июня 2011 (19:47:49)

Instruction for children caught up in the street without their parents:

1) do not go for a walk in deserted places, do not walk through unlit, narrow streets and alleys;

2) if you still ended up in a deserted place, go exactly in the center of the road, so the probability of a surprise attack will be reduced to a minimum;

3) the carrier with a whistle in case of imminent danger whistler briefly 2 times - if there will be police officers, they will understand the signal, which means "To me, help!" ;

4) If the front is a crowd of teenagers or adults, go turn in the road or the other side, the same applies to drunk people and standing vehicles with noisy companies;

5) no one talk, if you and I are trying to get in touch, make it appear that somewhere in a hurry and go to where more people;

6) If you suspect that someone from behind you, goes over to the other side, if the harassment continues, go to crowded places, call for help;

7) when the attack occurred, take compulsory measures, breaks a window in the stone houses to attract attention;

8) If you threaten criminals and need to give them some thing better to give - a life more, be sure to remember the criminals.

Parents, talk to your child about what it can to warn of danger on the streets and what mistakes can cost lives or health.