How to protect the home from burglars

8 июня 2011 (00:59:18)

Continuing training children properly safe behavior, and today we'll talk about how to behave in a child when he is home alone.

1) If the child stayed home alone with himself, the first thing he should do - is to test all possible inputs and outputs in an apartment so it was locked.

2) It is necessary to punish the child so that he did not open to anyone and not even approached the door.

3) If the door will start to stick the keys trying to open, the child must publish any sounds, dropping something, etc., so that the thief realized that someone is at home.

4) If the door is trying to hack, you also need to close the chain and all of the additional clips, and then call the police.

5) If no phone, you need to attract the attention of neighbors banging on the pipes, screaming through the balcony, etc., to request a window or balcony to call the police.

6) If you get a phone call strangers, not to say that adults do not, we can say that they are busy, wash, sleep, and so forth.

7) If the robbers broke into the apartment to find a quiet place (terrace, balcony) and hide. From the balcony you can call for help or ask to call the police.

8) Opening the door to friends or relatives, see that behind them there was no one, and after they enter the apartment, quickly shut the door of the castle.

9) If a child comes home to an apartment where there are no parents, and someone is lagging behind, it is necessary to call neighbors to call and go to their presence in the apartment.