23 июня 2011 (13:05:31)

Once we, boys, were sitting in the yard, playing in the gazebo. My friend bought a Kole transformer. Nick showed us, in that it can be transformed. Transformer everybody liked him. From Colin toys have diverted the motor noise. Car drove into the yard and stopped near the gazebo. Mike immediately offered:

- Let's latched on! Ride as the car will go to the yard!

- Another thing missing! - Said Kolya. - For these things my parents will take away a transformer. And for a long time to buy new toys will not. Mom at home today - the window can still be seen.

Victor Kohl supported:

- I told my mother that if I behave, I will buy a new bike. So I too will not cling.

Refused and Senia:

- What an idea! Fall can be broken. And then the wheels fall voobshe. I'd rather ride a bike.

I could not resist:

- What are you cowards! Mother, afraid of bruises! We must be bold, clever. And you ...!

Nobody said a word. The driver sat in the car, started it and left. None of us moved. Finally, Sasha said, turning to me:

- You should not have both, Anton! I've no intention of clinging to the car. Do you think I am afraid of the father or mother's hope for a gift? Or I'm afraid raskvasit nose? Oh no! I just know what happen to me, my parents would worry about me. Do you remember what it was when I fell from a tree and broke his leg? Under the car, and any fool can get into a wimp. But save the entire head and legs are not always able to. There must have his head.

- That's it! - Continued to Senya. - Ride will be a minute, and then a month in the hospital lying. Or all my life to walk with a crutch. Courage and agility is better in another show!

- Come to the horizontal bar - we called Victor. - Let's see which of us is smart and bold!

Read this story of a child. Ask him who he would agree - with Anton and Sasha, why people do not want to get into dangerous situations and why you sometimes do things that they did go? Repeat simple rules of safe behavior.