Strangle dog!

28 июня 2011 (19:00:30)

We were in the yard of our house. The girls played in the classes. Kids sculpted cakes out of the sand. We were approached adult uncle. In his hands was a puppy. Little of this, pretty. We began to play with the puppy. He cheerfully waving tail and barking, chasing us. Suddenly the uncle grabbed the puppy and went to the entrance to the basement. We heard his words: "strangle dog!" We ran after him. I even offered a dog money. When we all came down to the basement, the man slammed the door. He threw the puppy onto the floor. Nina grabbed by the arms. We shouted, "Quickly take your coat off!" I was numb with horror. Suddenly the door opened, and went into the basement Uncle Kolya. One of its kind enough to speak pitifully rude and friendly, "I told them that the basement can not be. Come out of here!" But the trick failed. Uncle Kolya held firmly in the hands of a shovel. Verzily he took to the police. They said we were with the girls lightly.

Does your child understand why the girl got off easy? What are the rules not complied with the girls, going down to the basement? Repeat with the child moral side of the issue of self-defense.