15 июля 2011 (20:02:28)

I knew that Bear always hated Nikita. For what he is learning well. For what is often driven by Nikita. Maybe even for that. Today, Bear beat Nikita. And how! And the school called the parents of Nikita. How did it happen? No one knows. Once I realized that was close.

Bear said that our classmate, Nina draws attention to Nikita. Smiles at him, laughs when he joked. A teddy bear has long tried to attract the attention of Nina. And all in vain. On the change of Bear walked right up to Nikita and told him so quietly! Words do not even gross. Ugly, dirty! Nikita turned pale, swung his hand and slapped across the face Mishka. Everyone froze and looked with amazement at the guys. After that, well ironed Bear Nikita their fists! I do not envy him. And who knew that? Nobody noticed that the Bear said Nikita's ear.

What a mistake made ​​Nikita?