Jumping from the second floor (from the testimony of Andrew J.)

18 августа 2011 (20:02:38)

These girls, we just began to hoard. I met with them on the street. He said that my birthday that I have at home a cake, chocolate and anything your heart desires. He said that no one could come to visit. When they came to my house, the girls realized that I cheated them. They thought I was alone, and there we waited for my friends. The men all adults, had by this time pretty to drink vodka. The girls were frightened, but it was too late. One of them grabbed and dragged into the bathroom, the other dragged into the kitchen. Their screams and screams drowned out the loud music. When I grabbed the smallest hand, she would bite my finger. So bite that I have dark eyes. Then she ran out onto the balcony and jumped down. Remained, by the way, safe and sound. Then I learned that the girl involved in gymnastics. A few minutes later the two girls were taken. We were also taken, but not the parents and the police. In truth, I'm glad that it leapt gymnast. I will give less time.