Psychology of self-defense

18 июня 2011 (17:05:46)

Now, how to protect themselves from unexpected, and the impending trouble from a psychological point of view. Thus, the rules:

1) be very careful and observant, your vigilance will help to avoid unexpected situations;

2) If you were to dig up suspicious characters, quickly analyze their goals and obstacles that hinder the fact that they have what they want - seize the initiative, Bind his view of subsequent events;

3) be attentive to how the offender hides your fear and trying to scare you or vice versa tells you some nice things, lulling your vigilance. Be bold, decisive, careful;

4) If the criminals have attacked you, act as the forces and developments - use your intelligence and cunning, if there was an encounter, whether bold and do not be afraid if you can not defend themselves, run away and call for help, yell "Fire!" ;

5) If you're frightened, do deep breaths, look up and gently lowered look - try my best not to show weakness, be confident;

6) in situations where there is no way to do something, depicting a man for whom there are important people and said that this place is about to suit his father, brother, etc.;

7) If you notice weakness and uncertainty about the offender, show the will, order him to leave, to clear the road, etc.;

8) if a fight ensued, think about how it would be nice if the offender was punished, in any case, do not think of yourself that you need it to win it;

9) in rare cases can show their fearfulness, weakness, and obedience, but only show with a view to lull the vigilance of the attacker, and suddenly, looking over his back and having called someone a friend, who was allegedly close, to resist, kick or run away - the same applies to the way a need to strike after the offender;

10) is always talk with the leader of the criminals, play to his vanity;

11) if an attacker needs is something you try to break his will in his favor, or so as to gain time, for example, say that the terminally ill, depicting vomiting, a bad cold, so that the perpetrator was a disgusting thing to you;

12) for stealing a car say you saw your friends have seen the abduction, he remember this number of the machine;

13) we know that criminals are looking for the weak, stupid, cowardly, weak-willed victims - do not let a manifestation of such qualities, even the simplest of apathy and depression and develop the opposite qualities - courage, a sense of humor, courage, willpower, determination, and so on .;

14), dressed like everyone else, do not try to stand out, and avoid wear dark colors - black, dark brown, as these colors can increase aggression;

15) If necessary, you must promise to criminals that do not tell, do not hand over to the police, and do not worry if this is the promise made under the threat of great danger you are not satisfied;

16), watch for people who do not get into dangerous situations, analyze the causes, also analyzes himself and try to adjust their psychology so that criminals do not want to have it with you.

Analyze the child, what qualities they already have and what needs to be developed, as well as find out what of the above, he already knew, and that it was new.