Sambo (From Anton's letter to his friend )

18 июля 2011 (00:01:34)

For five months I have been doing in the section Sambo. I want to be strong, smart and bold. Coach teaches us not to fall and break. If someone tries to grab me, I'll be able to escape. We also learn to defend themselves against attacks. Over time, punches and kicks are not afraid of me. I am learning to use force against the enemy himself. After all, I'm only eight years old. I now have new friends. We train with one coach. My new friends, a strong and supportive. When we came back from training, we have got drunk hooligans. One of the guys said only one word: "Gone!" And those are gone. In court and in school, I'm not saying do struggle. I advise you to do sambo. This is an interesting and rewarding sport.

Repeat primary means of self-defense.