A serious conversation

13 сентября 2011 (11:17:37)

My friend Kolya's brother works security guard. His name was Athanasius. Previously, he served in Special Forces. Athanasius great shot, great fights. He protects the employees of some serious company. The guy he is strong, but his fists are rarely in the course admits. I once saw Athanasius say a few words of some guys. They molested the girl, dirty swearing. After the words of Athanasius hooligans as the wind blew.

Once we have argued with Nicky about why someone being beaten, robbed, cheated, and someone lucky. We argued until we were hoarse. Then I said, 'Let's Athanasius tell what we think. Let him judge between you and me. " We went to his brother Colin. He agreed to listen to us.

I gave his opinion:

- All or nearly all depends on luck, from the fate of the circumstances. No matter how you sit at home, you can always run into robbers, and they just robbed you. It's like the saying goes: "From the wolf is gone - the bear came." If someone does not like you or someone decides to beat or insult you, you also can not help it. How can you like villain, or boor? And the statistics are about the same saying. Rob and kill more often. Nearly all have suffered from crime. Someone robbed more than once. Someone robbed. On the person next to nothing depends. Try to get away from robbers - narveshsya on the killers.

After that, Nick said:

- Everything depends on yourself. If you are strong, smart, brave, fast run, you know how to defend himself with his fists, then with you, nothing will happen. There are no hopeless situations. You can always think of something, to make sure that does not suffer. If something happens to you, then blame but yourself. Not noticed in time bullies, unable to escape, unable to dislodge the knife from the hands of bandits, did not put a strong lock on the door, somewhere else overlooked, could not, would not. And then fate, fate, luck, if you are a coward, a quitter, a wimp? And here the circumstances?

Athanasius listened to us carefully and with interest. Then he said what he thinks. It turned out I was right in something, something human Kohl. But his brother said something with which we agree with Nicky had both. Athanasius on concrete examples convinced us of the following:

- From the man, much depends. He can and must fight for his life, for the safety of their loved ones. It is important to be strong, smart, courageous, intelligent. However, it is that circumstances are stronger than humans. For example, accidentally fell from the balcony of the box with the flowers and kill the strong and courageous person. In most cases, misfortune happen to those who are weak, weak-willed, stupid, cowardly. For them, often even favorable circumstances turn into a disaster. For example, a man bought a car. Now do not go through the dark streets, do not risk facing hooligans and looters. But greed and stupidity have done their job. Hankering for money, drove drunk guys. And he was killed by his clients.

Athanasius told some interesting cases from their work. We listened with bated breath. Above all, Colin's brother said:

- A strong, intelligent, well-trained people can get into trouble. But he has a better chance to survive, to survive, to prevail over the criminals. With regard to the circumstances, many of the circumstances we are doing. Just not all of the circumstances beyond our control. But I even like it. If we could foresee everything, everything to provide all the warning, life would be boring. I like to overcome obstacles, I can not imagine life without risk and unexpected twists of fate. Athanasius thought for a moment and said something over which I still think:

- When me into trouble, I ask myself if all I did was that there was no trouble. I do not usually kill, as some do not blame myself for what happened. Indeed, sometimes circumstances are beyond us. If he is guilty, then try to learn, to understand where I was wrong, showed weakness. That then such slips are no longer allowed.

Who do you most agree? A younger child whose opinion favors?