Incident at bus stop

26 июня 2011 (18:02:54)

Not far from our house train stop. I love to meet the train, especially if someone has to come here. Once the train came a tall man. He approached me and asked: "Girl, you do not know how to get on the board of gardening?" I know where the board. We once went with my dad there for a meeting of fruit growers. I began to explain how to pass. Uncle was blunt. Could not figure out that after the second turn he comes out Cherry on which comes to the board. Then the uncle said, "What can I say? Come on, show me where the board." I wanted to go, but I remembered that shortly I must drive dad. "Now comes my father, he himself will show you the way" - I replied. After that, uncle quickly went away. Did not wait for my dad. Then I learned that this man is lured to her young children to the country and commit crimes. Some girls then seriously ill. And I was lucky that I missed my father did not go with this criminal. Now, I never speak without their parents with strangers. Even when they are very polite and asked for something to help.