Canine brutality (from a newspaper article)

9 июля 2011 (18:44:34)

In the city, the cases when the dogs attack the people. Increasingly, the victims of the ferocious dogs are children.

In the yard of a private home playing kids. The dog is always favorably inclined to the guests of his young master. At this time, one of the children did not pay attention to the fact that in the bowl of the dog was eating. He normally went to the ball, someone noticed oboronennuyu toy. He held out a hand to her. At the same instant his hand was a child in the jaws of the dog. The owner then said that the dog defended his bowl of food.

In another court there was a tragic accident. The girl as usual came to visit a friend. She wanted to stroke a newly born puppies. The dog is always affectionate and funny, suddenly attacked and severely bitten baby it.

Repeat rules for the protection of the dog.