21 июня 2011 (12:16:28)

In the face of the offender for his temporary disorientation can throw a handful of coins, sand, a mixture of pepper with tobacco, clothing, gloves and hat. For a more prolonged disorientation can use various sprays, tear gas, and you can prepare yourself vinegar and pour it into the enema. Psychologically, we can deduce from the equilibrium, using an ordinary whistle. If, however, neutralize the attacker failed, and he attacked you, use a variety of sharp objects such as pencils, pens, screwdrivers, thrust them in the face, neck, use the keys to strike. You can use the spin, plug, sink and turn right. Use every possible piercing and cutting items to save his life: a piece of rebar, heel, stud, stone, glass, knives - anything that comes handy. Take a bottle by the neck, beat her, and in your hands is a serious weapon. Defend against impacts by large objects (chairs, bags, etc.). They can also cause strokes. Remember that firearms may be used only with special permission.