A strange man

16 августа 2011 (19:51:10)

We played with the boys near our house in football. I'm tired, and I replaced the Kolka. Suddenly I was approached by a man in a leather jacket and says, "Mike, hello! What are you, do not you recognize me? I'm an old friend of your dad." We went to our entrance. Along the way, I said that parents are not home yet. Uncle Victor is not very angry, but said: "What a pity, I had just arrived and I will be in your town one day." Then he thought and said, "You know, I'm tired of the road. Come to your home, I'm a little rest, wait for their parents. And you, if you want to play until the street."

I've wanted to see Uncle Vitya to his home, as appeared in the yard my dad. I shouted, "Hurrah!'s And dad's coming!" Instead of rejoice, uncle to the jacket quickly went not to the pope, but in the opposite direction. At first I did not understand. Then I was told that it was a swindler, a thief. He wanted me to cheat, rob our apartment. I still do not understand how he knew my name, who my parents are and where we live. Only my father frowns and says: "Less talking right!"

What errors made ​​the boy?