Shooting in horticulture

2 августа 2011 (08:59:33)

I saw from the window of his summer residence, as part of a neighbor went to five guys. They were talking loudly. It was evident that they were drunk. The door was locked cottages. Guys have to kick it with an ax. Suddenly I heard a shot. The boys fled. One of them was left lying on the porch of a neighbor near the house. I realized that the neighbor hit him with a gun. Show and neighbor. In his hand was a gun. Hung on the belt bandolier of bullets. A neighbor rushed over guys. For some time the shots were heard. When I ran down the street after him, ran into the path of three bodies. As I learned later, still alive, only one of the guys. He managed to hide in the bush currant at one site.

Did the right summer visitor to fire when they broke the door and when the boys ran away?