The dark staircase

2 ноября 2011 (19:03:22)

Estimated or actual situation. Upon returning home, the child encounters in the hallway with a group of guys. The boys are showing hostility, aggressiveness throw rude remarks, delay, etc.

The job. Use the psychological techniques of self-defense in this situation.

The players are different. Some use the words:

- Skip, I live here!

- Guys, if I did not recognize me?

- Take the money, I do not want to communicate with you!

- Skip, I'll call for help!

Other players are taking practical steps: run out the door, run past the bullies beat offenders, etc.

Approval of the players deserve the most successful behaviors in this situation:

- The boy retorted: "Dad! Quickly come in, the elevator on the first floor!" Fast runs by bullies, taking advantage of their confusion.

- Opened the door and turning on the street, the boy screams, "Daddy, hold Jack, how he had not broke guys who are in the stairwell." Quickly passing by bullies.