Three against one

6 августа 2011 (09:07:05)

Alex was sure of himself. He did not fear these three sniveller with long hair. Their threat seemed to him just ridiculous. Of course! After all, behind him ten years of training in judo section, service in the airborne troops. And here is the moment to act. Alex hit the largest and most brazen robber when he took out his pocket knife. The second "hair-worm" crashed after the first kick after biting. The third fell on my knees and pray for forgiveness for mercy: "Forgive me, brother, We just wanted to make a joke!" "Live!" - Spit a former paratrooper. Unable to look at the nasty face of the failed robber, Alex turned around and calmly walked away. His footsteps muffled winds, agitated the trees of the park. Drowned out the wind and the steps bastard, who jumped to his feet and quickly caught up with the guy. A moment - and a sharp knife blade nearly took the life of someone who was so generous.

What strength and what is the weakness of Alexis? What qualities Alexis took Alex?