Beat (From the testimony of Yuri I.)

29 июля 2011 (01:28:44)

My sister and I went to stop the train. Should have been my classmate to come with their parents. With us was Andrew Gorulev. He was older than me for three years and much more. At the stop we were approached by a guy in a denim suit. He came so close that I could smell alcohol. The guy grabbed my arm and my sister said he was not averse to have fun with it. Lena pulled her hand and we walked away. Then the rude bully swore and said that my sister - a girl a whore, only pretends to be shy. He spoke in harsh, dirty words. I got very angry, but restrained himself and said nothing. But Andrew could not resist and hit the guy in the face. He fell from the platform and hit his neck on the rail. When the boy was taken away by ambulance, he was unconscious.

Did the right to beat Andrew snapper? What could he do to protect the girl from abuse?