The blow on the temple (from the testimony of Alexis B.)

29 июня 2011 (19:13:07)

I saw a boy of twelve years in a sports jacket and jeans. He came up to him. He said that he looks like the description on the kid who took money from my friend. Offered to arrange a face to face.

We climbed to the top floor. I started a boy in the attic and demanded money. He gave me three thousand. I took his jacket. Hours, he gave himself. At this point, the elevator stopped on the floor. The boy ran to the door. I grabbed it. But he pulled out. Then I squeezed his throat. I wanted to hold until the people pass. When he fell to the floor, I was frightened, grabbed a rock and hit a few times in the head.

The first story with a bad ending. Ask your child about what the rules of conduct of the boy has forgotten history, and how the offender failed to lure him to the attic.