Threats do not help

19 июля 2011 (23:39:15)

I lost a friend. It's so hard. Only now I realized what had happened to my classmate Misha.

At one entrance to Miha lived a lonely man. We called him Uncle Sasha. Always polite, fashionable dressed, he enjoyed the respect of tenants. When we went to the first class, we saw Uncle Sasha in school. He worked as a carpenter at the school: repairing furniture, glass windows. One day, Misha and I went home from school. We caught up with Uncle Sasha. He gave us chocolates. In fact, he said such incidents from his life, that we were dying with laughter.

A few days later I noticed that Uncle Sasha is increasingly coming from school, along with Misha. It did not surprise me, because of their apartment in a stairwell. But I was sad that Micah is increasingly talked to the carpenter. I did not like it. I wanted to be friends with Misha. Once we both always come back from school. We got to the entrance, where they lived, and Michael Carpenter. Uncle Sasha invited us to his home: "Come to me. Lives next door, and have never been to me. At home I have a lot of interesting things." I was curious as to what might be in his apartment. The fact that there may be something sweet and tasty, I'm not sure. But what else? Misha looked at me, "Are you going?" Then I remembered that parents often reminded me that for someone to go home without their permission can not be. I do not understand why. But what I remembered and said: "I urgently need to go home. Must come to a wizard that will repair my computer." Pro Wizard Of course, I thought. Well, I could not say that I visit my parents forbid to go. Uncle Alex's answer: "And I have known good computer. Play as you like." But I still went home. And Michael went to visit a carpenter. The next day, Michael did not come to school. I was also taken away directly from the lesson in the school's office, where a man and a woman asked me questions. They asked about my Uncle Sasha, Misha about, that yesterday we talked with them. I asked, where is Michael, why did not he at school. I was told that Mike fell ill and will not be long to learn. Then I learned that Carpenter abused boys. Lured them to his home, watered juice, lemonade and with sleeping pills. All the boys are usually silent, no nothing said. Yes, this is understandable. One boy he lured with sweets, Vidic, a computer. He walked up to him and suffered all the indignities and humiliation. Another boy, he had threatened reprisals against his younger brother: "Your brother will fall under the wheels of the machine, if you are going to talk!" Micah neighbor, or buy, or could not intimidate. When he came home, all told their parents. Soon the family of my friend left the Bears in our city. A former neighbor Misha was sentenced to imprisonment. His threats, he was unable to perform.

What are the lessons to be learned from this case?