Stolen ... (From the diary of Koli T.)

23 июля 2011 (00:54:06)

July 30. Yesterday he returned from Japan Victor's father. He came out today in the yard with a new Japanese stereomagnitofonom. Great stuff! Vitka was surrounded by guys from our neighborhood. Now all know that Victor's got a new VCR, a computer that his father brought a whole bunch of things.

August 2. Victor invited me to go fishing. At his father's brand-new car. The boys surrounded the car and watched as we piled fishing rods, tents, gear, bags of groceries. This trip I will remember for a long time. I still have never fished from the mountain rivers.

August 5. We are back home. Victor's apartment sealed off by police. While we went into the mountains, the thieves climbed to their home. There is now a friend of mine the wonderful Japanese things. A pity! To play on the computer, watch a cartoon!