31 июля 2011 (01:41:34)

Yesterday I saw a little boy did not die on our streets. My friends and I were sitting on the roof of the barn. Played in the war. In the neighboring yard was empty. Owners of the house went from village to city. Suddenly we heard shouts and stamping of feet. Kolya ran into the yard. Behind him ran down the street neighbor Petrov. He recently returned to the area. Nine years for murder served. His face was drunk and angry. In his hand was an ax. For that he wanted to hit the Kolka, I do not understand. But what we can to help the guy? In his hands we had toy guns! And then I saw the Kolka grabbed a pitchfork standing by the barn. The boys whispered: "Here he is he now!" Man, he is strong - over us for six years. That's something those pitchforks and Kolka Petrova hit on the head. Not the party, which take the hay and wooden handle. Petrov, the blow fell on the ground, the ax dropped from his hands. He was even taken to the hospital. They say he threatened to hack to death Vitka, once released from the hospital. Yes, only it is unlikely he will succeed. Most likely, he will get back behind bars. And if you do not fall? And if you do not Kolka, and I told him something did not like me.

Violated a law Nicholas, defending himself?