A shot in the woods

2 сентября 2011 (06:18:38)

Until now shudder to recall that day. It began well. We decided to celebrate with classmates successful completion of the tenth grade. Early in the morning went by train to get a good rest in the forest, swim in the lake. We arrived without incident. Pitched our tents. We had lunch. Nothing boded trouble. Oleg went along the lake to search for fishing. The other guys, too, did not sit idly by. We went with Boris collect firewood for the bonfire. Send to a not too far from our camp. Suddenly it seemed to me that someone is sneaking up on us. I thought it was one of our watches us and wants to scare us or make fun of something. I quickly hid in the bushes. At this point, the trees shot rang out. Boris cried out and fell into the grass. Out of the bushes I could see that he is not moving. Then he told me that he was lying motionless on purpose. Realized that could be followed by a second shot. And I did not know what to do. Approaching a friend was deadly. The gunman could hide and shoot at me. I exerted all his vision and hearing, to understand what's going on. And then I heard that the guys running towards us. I thought that they must somehow warn of the danger. Sounds donesshiesya other hand clearing, instilled in me a hope. I heard someone removes deep into the forest. Dry branches crackled on and on. And then I ran over to Boris. What I saw made me cold chills. I did not feel under a foot, head spinning. Boris on the thigh was a large wound. Blood flowed and flooded grass on which he lay. Run up guys. Seeing Boris, they were trying to do something to help him. Someone ran to get cold water to the lake. Someone threw a first aid kit. Someone tried to break into strips his shirt to make bandages. Only Boris bleeding. As it turned out, none of us knew how to provide first aid. I thought that the bleeding can be stopped wiring or cord. With trembling hands I tried to pull his leg Boris belt. But the blood continued to run. The person my friend was completely white. I was horrified to realize that Boris might die before our eyes. Understood and could do nothing. Suddenly a hand fell on my shoulder. Busy trying to save Boris, I did not notice that we were approached by a man with a backpack. As it turned out, he approached, he heard a shot and our cries. The man quickly took off his backpack from his shoulders. Took out the string and confidently put it on the leg of Boris. After that, he twisting twine ordinary table spoon. The bleeding diminished but not ceased. Then the man pushed his fingers in several places on the body of Boris. I sighed: the flow of blood from the wound has stopped.

Then the doctor said that if help arrived in time for at least five minutes later, Boris certainly would have died from blood loss. The conclusions we have made for themselves. All my friends went to special classes where we teach the basic methods of providing first aid and self-help. But this we may learn in the classroom.

В лесу холодно и неуютно, а вот удобные барные стулья помогут расслабиться и приятно посидеть в интересной обстановке.