Abandoned summerhouse

24 июня 2011 (13:09:24)

Nastia was walking normally until late. Her parents did not always know where she is doing. In the evening she wandered around a nearby house to house in the park. In one of the houses were abandoned furniture, around which grew dense bushes of wild rose. Once, late at night here waylaid her boyfriend, who had long wanted by the police. He jumped out from behind the bushes, grabbed Nastya and tried to clamp her mouth. But Nastya had time to bite the offender's hand, and loudly called for help. Taking advantage of the confusion bitten, the girl immediately whistled a police whistle. Fortunately, the rest near the local guys. The boys rushed to the aid of Nastya. Of course, she was lucky. When the villains are caught, it turned out that he had managed to cripple a few careless girls.