The legitimate side of the issue

20 июня 2011 (18:57:40)

From the standpoint of the law everyone has the right to self-defense under certain circumstances - be a dangerous encroachment, real and has already begun. Consider what defense in what situation does not become a criminal case:

1) for infringement of the interests of the person, honor and dignity can not cause bodily injury, deprived of life, everything else can be;

2) if the offender violates the health in the form of lung injury, shall be intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm;

3) secondary injuries allowed all but the murder;

4) violence to life or health in the form of grievous bodily harm are allowed any action until the taking of life.

In order to carry weapons must pass tests on knowledge of the rules to use them if you are 18 years of age. To use a variety of aerosols, tear gas, a special permit is required.