Protection against dog

17 июня 2011 (22:25:11)

Now we consider a situation in which there is a risk of being bitten, and then ripped the dog. To avoid this, remember the following rules:

1) so as not to be afraid of the dog, just imagine that this little man with sharp teeth;

2) do not show your fear, running away, on the contrary, turn to face her, do not let it go to the side or from behind;

3) Cover bites the groin by bending your knees to the center;

4) if the number of the owner, require calm and call for a dog;

5) to protect the dog will approach anything: stones, a bag, the sand, all that will be on hand;

6) if there is any shelter, retreat back slowly, not turning away from the dog;

7) if the dog is the owner, then perhaps she feels less confident when he is not close, then distract the dog, so she turned away from her familiar places;

8) Dogs normally do not touch people without moving, lying face down;

9) if the dog attacked and knocked to the ground, do not let it to the neck;

10) in the fight with a dog you can take it under the jaw in the cheeks, the ears, the throat with both hands;

11) if the dog grabbed his hand and makes it impossible to defend himself, push his hand into the mouth as much as possible, you may have to destroy it in self defense.

In general, it is better to take special training for defense against aggressive dogs, but nevertheless, the above set of rules can be useful.