Rogues (From a letter published in the newspaper)

21 июля 2011 (00:36:18)

I want to tell a story that happened to my friends. With a decent amount, he went to buy gifts. The store he was approached by a young man, apparently a newcomer (hereinafter referred to him and I'll call it), asked how to get to the "Leipzig". My friend offered to go there together. Send a little, suddenly "stranger" brings up an impressive package. Turned back a little, said, "five thousand!" They passed a hundred yards, and then they caught up with excited man. "Newcomer" to quickly put the parcel to my friend and whispered, "put it away, can see how I put up." And overtaken says: "Guys, I lost money, a very large amount of bills and the five thousandth 3000 dollars. Woman saw that you have raised," - he pointed to the "visitor" and asked him to go with him to the woman to understand. Here, "the victim" asked to see what his money. A friend I opened the wallet. "Newcomer", taking the money, said: "Well, I'm with him I will go to the woman and sort things out. Let look - we have other bills. And you wait for me." "Guys, can you roll in a bag" - zaklyanchil "victim", pointing to a shopping bag with my friend. He took the bag from his shoulder. "Look." "Newcomer" and grabbed her. My friend whispered pleadingly: "Just you wait for me, please!" And they left with a bag, shopping and a 75 thousand. My friend opened the bundle of newspapers, and the top five rubles.

As the poor fellow crooks lit? What are the qualities of its advantage?