The call on the radio

11 октября 2011 (18:48:42)

This story happened to my friend not so long ago.

Kolya's parents left for the weekend to visit my grandmother in the village, leaving children home alone. Severely punished not leave the house, never open the door, and on the telephone to speak only what the parents are busy, but always call back soon. Nick and his sister Masha had never dared to disobey, knowing why they were given such strict mandates.

The case was on a Sunday. Lessons from Nick and Mary did on Saturday because the house was doing nothing special. Nick could not stand it and suggested we go for a walk, but Mary recalled that the parents said.

"Come on then at least listen to the music" - suggested Kolka. Mary turned on the computer, got into the Internet and included a music station. On the air at that time was the transfer of on-demand users. Cole really wanted to call on the radio to order your favorite song. So he did. He was lucky he was able to call and ask for a song. For some reason, he also gave his phone to the radio station with a proposal to call-girl peers. Mary was upset because she had to miss listening to callers talk with the girls brother. But savvy Masha was locked in his room and turned on онлайн радио на полную катушку. Meanwhile, Nick has invited one of the girls back home, said she begged. In the evening, at the appointed hour, knock on the door. Nick asked, "Is that you, Lena?" "Yes, it's me" - sounded at the door. But instead of a small apartment in the Lena ran two crazed boys. Threatened with a knife, they began slowly to gather valuables in a large bag.

Kolya, and Masha was lucky, my parents came back sooner than they should. And they were lucky that their dad has a black belt in karate. Criminals have already beaten the investigator testify. And Nick and Mary stopped listening to the radio, since it was they had to be associated with the incident.

What a mistake Kohl made​​, dial on the radio?